Flashback to Maverick 400 at 2009 Cape Town Boat Show

Multihulls4Us, that popular evergreen online forum, put together this interesting video on the Maverick 400 at the 2009 Cape Boat Show, including design enhancements relating to the cockpit which can seat 18 people and offer 360-degree panoramic views.

Maverick 400 Test Sail in Cape Town

“It stole the show for us,” said Multihulls4Us about the Maverick 400.

They interviewed Rudi Pretorius, owner, who offered his personal insights into what improvements had been made on this model.

TMT Charters recently acquired the first Maverick 400 to come off the production line for their operations which focuses exclusively on West Coast Charters in Langebaan, Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay and St. Helena Bay.

The 40 ft Catamaran, Catlyn, was taken out on her test sail in Cape Town on 26 February, 2009.

According to The Marine Trade Blog, “everybody on board were thrilled with her performance. She was fortunate to challenge a newly launched Dean 44 ft Catamaran, who also went out for test sails. With an apparent wind speed of 18 knots, Catlyn and the Dean managed a speed of 7 to 8 knots. The Dean could not shake her off. Rudi Pretorius of Maverick Yachts and Phil Southwell (Designer) were delighted. The hard work of 18 months was echoed in their smiles.

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